Baha'i Faith of Tyler Texas


There are all kinds of online resources for studying the Baha’i scriptures, finding Baha’i prayers, and learning about what the Baha’is are doing to work towards global prosperity and unity. The links below are a selection of some of those resources.


South Central Regional Training Institute |

The International Website of the Baha’is of the World |

Baha’i World News Service |

Official Website of the Baha’is of the United States |

The American Baha’i |

Study the Faith |

Baha’i Reference Library |

Baha’i Prayers |

The Ruhi Institute |

The Association for Baha’i Studies |

The Hidden Words Matrix |

Ridván Messages |

Apps on Android

Baha’i Prayers |

Baha’i Web Search |

Baha’i Qiblih Locator |

Ninety Five |

Baha’i Study Tool |

iMemorize |

Intone |

Baha’i Library |

Baha’i Study Tool |

Apps on iOS

Baha’i Faith |

Prayer Book |

Baha’i News Service |

US Baha’i News Services |

Baha’i Hidden Words |

95 Taps |

iMemorize |

Intone |

Baha’i Library – One Ocean |